It’s always been funny to me that I’m technically closer to home while on tour in the UK. Rocky Newfoundland and Beautiful British Columbia are wildly far away from one another. And considering I never did get my drivers license, I’m not sure how I ended up getting to drive back and forth across Canada so often.

The drivers license is one of those things that just eluded me. Somewhere between questionable eyesight and just never getting around to it, I have ended up, for all intents, on foot. So when my bandmates and I set out on tour it’s lads at the helm, I Phone navigation in the passenger seat and I retire to the backseat, never giving up my Blackberry (never!), and never really sure where we are or how we got there.

But I love a Canadian tour. There’s loyalty in a Canadian tour. Every roadside stop is a reward for having come so far.

I’ll admit, at times it’s hard. There is weather and darkness and we are away from our families. Accidents happen and money is scarce and if one of us sneezes we’re all down for the count. But we can play, and we can sing, and come snow or rain or great rocky distances, that is what we’re always going to do. A Canadian musician is a juggernaut. As long as you’re there, we’re coming for you.

Thank you for being there for us. We’ll see you in March and until then, we’re taking requests – let me know on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll bring you our best.

(If you want to see where we’ll be the whole list – and growing – is here.

( November 4th 2014, Six Shooter Records )



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